Our Vision is to supply our clients with “Service Excellence” in terms of THEIR NEEDS and not our needs and to ensure that our client’s has peace of mind with the investment made with our company.


In order to achieve the above we need to appoint staff of the highest quality, to listen to the needs of our clients, and to attend to the values that is set out by the client in order to perform to the maximum.


Our Values is the partnership that we engage with our client and together with our staff we create uniformity in the workplace.



Very simply outsourcing can be defined as a process in which a company delegates some of its in-house operations/processes to a third party. Thus outsourcing is a contracting transaction through which one company purchases services from another while keeping ownership and ultimate responsibility for the underlying processes. The clients inform their provider what they want and how they want the work performed. Therefore the client can authorize the provider to operate as well as redesign basic processes in order to ensure even greater cost and efficiency benefits.

Who is RMCT Projects (Pty) Ltd

- We are a Company specializing in Providing Service excellence to a broader client spectrum 

What makes RMCT Projects (Pty) Ltd different?

- Innovation and lateral thinking.
- We put our clients first and are flexible enough to meet the individual needs of our diverse client base.
- We believe in a sound personal relationship between ourselves and our clients.
- We strive for the highest standard of service and in all respect to act with integrity and professionalism.
- We always operate as a team in a joint venture in partnership.

Why Us ?

At RMCT Projects we strive important values such as:


Commitment to our
services and prompt
response to client's

Honesty and